Top Resume File Formats for Working with a Staffing Agency

Peel HR Top Resume File Formats

You’ve crafted your resume, optimized it with keywords, and had at least three people review it. Now it’s time to save and send your document. But have you chosen the best resume file format for staffing agency recruiters and hiring managers to easily process? Although it’s common knowledge that resumes should be polished, divided up […]

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Job Hunt

Peel HR Pros and Cons of AI

In today’s rapidly evolving job market, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping traditional recruitment processes. While Artificial Intelligence offers numerous benefits for job seekers, including streamlined application processes and personalized recommendations, it also presents challenges and uncertainties. Let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons of AI in job search and how individuals […]

Resume Fonts Advised by The Consultant

Advised by The Consultant

The right typeface makes your CV stand out in all the right ways The Consultant say it takes 6 seconds for a hiring manager to decide if your resume is a keeper – The font type and size that you choose will have an important effect on this decision. A font that makes your resume […]

Strategies to Retain the Best Employee

Peel HR Strategies to Retain Employee

Before anything else though, it’s important to understand the cause of the high turnover rate Why do workers quit their jobs? There are several main causes: Wage Scale: Employees are mainly driven by a decent pay rate, thus if they receive a greater salary elsewhere or if they have a problem with their existing compensation, […]

8 Steps to Accelerate Job Search with Recruitment Agency

Peel HR Agency Job Search

Looking for a new job is rarely an enjoyable experience. The process can be Frustrating, but the good news is that you can make it quicker and more efficient. Whether you’re just beginning your job search or have been casually looking for a while, here are five essential tips to help you streamline the process […]

Reasons Your Recruiter Might Hate Your Resume

Peel HR Recruiter Might Hate

If your headhunter is dissatisfied with your resume, you should listen to their concerns before becoming defensive Many job seekers will interact with a recruiter at some point. Whether the recruiter reaches out to you or you contact them, they will always ask for your resume. So, what should you do if your headhunter informs […]

Pro Resume Tips from a Leading Recruitment Agency

Peel HR Recruitment Agency in Canada

Presenting a flawless error-free resume will help you stand out When writing a resume, you need to condense a lifetime of skills, qualifications, courses, and experiences into just a couple of pages. Reflecting on your professional and personal growth, it’s a challenge to create a resume that looks impressive and highlights your strengths. For tailored […]

Maximizing Your Resume’s Impact in HR Consulting Companies

HR Consulting Companies

Are you tirelessly sending out resumes without receiving any callbacks? The key to success might lie in tailoring your resume specifically for HR consulting companies. Let’s explore the intricate details and strategies involved in crafting a tailored resume that catches the eye of recruiters in this competitive field. Navigating Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with Precision […]

Mapping Canada’s Job Market: HR Staffing and Candidate Insights

Peel HR Candidate Insights

Are you gearing up for your next job interview? The dreaded question, “How would you describe yourself?” often sends shivers down the spine of many candidates. Fear not! This guide is your go-to resource to craft compelling responses and ace that interview with confidence. Understanding the Interview Environment Job interviews are akin to puzzles, with […]

HR Agency Insider: Decoding Resume Spelling and Accent, Toronto

Peel HR Agency Resume

Resume, resumé, or résumé: which should you use and why? We don’t sit around thinking, “how do you spell the word resume?” That is, until it becomes a concern for HR professionals and agency staff. At that moment, we wonder, “what is the correct resume spelling?” Is it résumé, or resumé, or simply, resume? And, […]