Strategies to Retain the Best Employee

Peel HR Strategies to Retain Employee

Before anything else though, it’s important to understand the cause of the high turnover rate Why do workers quit their jobs? There are several main causes: Wage Scale: Employees are mainly driven by a decent pay rate, thus if they receive a greater salary elsewhere or if they have a problem with their existing compensation, […]

Recruiters Top Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Peel HR Top Networking Tips

Securing a job today requires strategic and effective networking. The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings true, emphasizing the importance of connections in your job hunt. While your skills are crucial, knowing the right people can be the deciding factor in getting your foot in the door. Here’s how to […]

Pro Resume Tips from a Leading Recruitment Agency

Peel HR Recruitment Agency in Canada

Presenting a flawless error-free resume will help you stand out When writing a resume, you need to condense a lifetime of skills, qualifications, courses, and experiences into just a couple of pages. Reflecting on your professional and personal growth, it’s a challenge to create a resume that looks impressive and highlights your strengths. For tailored […]

Maximizing Your Resume’s Impact in HR Consulting Companies

HR Consulting Companies

Are you tirelessly sending out resumes without receiving any callbacks? The key to success might lie in tailoring your resume specifically for HR consulting companies. Let’s explore the intricate details and strategies involved in crafting a tailored resume that catches the eye of recruiters in this competitive field. Navigating Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with Precision […]

LinkedIn Guide: Add Your Resume for HR Jobs

Peel HR LinkedIn Resume Guide

Uploading your CV to LinkedIn is an easy and effective approach to find your next great job Most people know LinkedIn as a professional networking site, but it’s also one of the world’s largest jobs-posting sites. Many employers like LinkedIn more for hiring because it has lots of job candidates and lets them filter easily, […]

How to Manage Employee Turnover in Your Company

Peel HR employee turnover

Most company managers find that a high turnover rate is a major source of problems. Some businesses, like the technology industry, have high turnover rates due to the complexity of the work. If ignored, a high employee turnover can drive up your HR expenses in other industries as well. Thus, lowering the turnover rate boosts […]

How Staffing Agency Helps Make Resumes Connect with People

Peel HR Staffing Agency Helps Make Resumes

Make sure you know why you shouldn’t depend on resume prompts to write your resume before you do! The rise of increasingly advanced artificial intelligence has led to an ongoing discussion over what AI might mean for humans. Will this artificial intelligence benefit lives by collaborating with its human creators to develop knowledge and make […]

How Recruiting Agencies can Motivate Your Job Hunt

Peel HR Job Hunt

Even in a booming job market, job hunting can feel like a difficult task. Enter recruiting agencies to simplify the process. When you receive rejection letter after rejection letter or hear nothing at all from hiring managers, it’s all too easy to become discouraged. Your motivation to look for a job may be seriously hampered […]

How Employment Agencies View Job Gaps

Peel HR Employment Agencies

It’s common advice that getting a job is simpler if you’re already employed. Employment Agencies in Mississauga agree with this idea. Others have pointed out that if you are unemployed, a hiring manager will be suspicious, and you will lose leverage in negotiations when the time comes. The truth is that it compromises the idea […]

How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Beat the Applicant Tracking System

Peel HR Applicant Tracking System

Q1: How do I keep my resume to just one page? If you spell everything out, how can you retain your resume to one page? If you have seven years or more of experience, your resume may be longer than one page. In fact, most experienced individuals maintain a two-page resume. It won’t affect how […]